Online registration for Volleyball closed on July 20.


Registration is now closed.

Sport Info


Saturday, June 9, 2018
Freshmen, JV, Varsity

Saturday, July 21, 2018
5th Grade Girls
6th Grade Girls

Sunday, July 22, 2018
7th Grade Girls
8th Grade Girls

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Women's Open

Age group is determined by the grade the players are coming out of.   

If not enough teams enter to complete pool play, SMSG reserves the right to combine age divisions.


Matches may be played at the following locations in Columbia, MO.

Stephens College (Silverthorne Arena) - 107 Dorsey St
Tolton High School - 3351 E Gans Rd
Columbia Sports Armory - 701 E Ash St


Youth - $200 per team
Adult Women / Coed - $175 per team


Last possible day to register for 5th - 8th grade:  July 10
Last possible day to register for coed / women's open:  July 17


All teams must check-in at their competition site at least 30 minutes prior to start of first match.


For more information, contact the Show-Me State Games at 573-882-2101.


Register Online: Show-Me State Games Online Registration - Volleyball


Register by Mail:  To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games entry form and mail it along with payment to:

Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211


  • Warm-Ups – shared 4 minutes + 1 minute for serving (if desired).  Keep matches moving on time or early.
  • The tournament will have round robin pools to seed a single elimination tournament.
  • All teams will be guaranteed a minimum of (4) matches.
  • All teams will have officiating duties for other matches. Failure to officiate will result in forfeiture of the first set of the team's next match. When officiating, each team is required to provide two linesperson, one scorekeeper and one umpire.
  • Roster is limited to 12 players.
  • Format: USAV rules will be used for all divisions, including coed.
    • Pool Play:  2 sets. All sets to 25 - win by 2 (start at 4-4).
    • Bracket Play:  Best 2 of 3 sets.  Sets 1 & 2 to 25 – win by 2 (start at 4-4). Set 3 to 15 – win by 2 (start at 0-0, switch sides at 8)
    • Tie Breakers:  If teams are tied on total sets, then in all sets between the teams:
      • Head to Head sets
      • Head to Head total points
      • Overall total points
      • Coin flip
  • In coed play, we will use a 4-2 format.  Two females must be on the court at all times.
  • Uniforms are suggested but not mandatory.
  • Each team must provide their own practice/warm-up equipment including balls.
  • Work Teams - Teams must provide 2 Line Judges, an R2, and a scorer (simple tally sheet) for every assigned match.  Parents and Coaches may act as members of the work team if the team wishes.
  • Rules of Play - All USAV rules apply unless changed below.  Please use the honor system to maintain compliance with these rules.
  • 5th and 6th Grade Division will use the VolleyLite ball and will not be allowed to step into the court during service attempts.
  • May use 2 Liberos (can change either per set).  Request that Liberos be in contrasting jersey.
  • Either or both Liberos may serve in one rotational position.
  • Substitutions:
    • May substitute directly (USAV rules)
    • May not use both methods in the same set
  • We recommend that each player have proof of age/grade on hand during the tournament. Players must be able to show proof of age or residence if asked by Games officials.

Freshmen, JV and Varsity

  • All MSHSAA rules will apply.

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name
VB0025th Grade Girls (2017-2018 School Year)
VB0046th Grade Girls (2017-2018 School Year)
VB0067th Grade Girls (2017-2018 School Year)
VB0088th Grade Girls (2017-2018 School Year)
VB018Women's Open
VB019Adult Coed Open
VB020June - Freshman - Saturday
VB021June - JV - Saturday
VB022June - Varsity - Saturday
VB024June - Freshman - Sunday
VB025June - JV - Sunday
VB026June - Varsity - Sunday
VB999Missouri State Senior Games - Volleyball