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The City of St. Peters and the Show-Me State Games are proud to announce the 2019 Show-Me State Games Rec-Plex Winter Blast ISI Competition. All events will take place in our 1,200 seat arena in Rec-Plex - South, home of five ISI National Events in the past ten years, and the upcoming 2019 ISI World Recreational Team Championships! This competition is endorsed by the ISI and is open to all ISI individual members from any state. The 2019 Show-Me State Games-Rec Plex Winter Blast will serve as a qualifier for the 2019 State Games of America championships (as ISI Figure Skating). The Show-Me State Games is a non-profit program of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Health and its mission is to promote activities of health, fitness, family and fun for all Missourians.


January 18-20, 2019

Practice ice may be available.  Information will be sent out with the schedule of events.


St Peters Rec-Plex
5200 Mexico Road
St Peters, MO  63376


This year, for all entries, we will be using EntryEeze online registration only. Register online at

The entry deadline is December 15, 2018. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the competition director and, if accepted, will be charged a late fee of $25 for individual skaters, or $10 per skater for teams. False information will result in disqualification of the skater.

Entry fees for individual events are $45 for the first event, and $20 for each additional event. Tot events are discounted to $30 for the first event. Families of three or more may enter their first events for a total of $95. Surprise events are $5 as additional events. For skaters entering five or more individual events, we offer a Super Competitor fee of $105!

Super Competitors, please contact for how to receive the discount.) Entry fees for team events are $20 per skater, with an additional synchronized team fee of $25. Each entry will incur a $3 administrative fee.


All information is available at:  For additional information, please contact:

Heather Hyatt
Heather Dirksen
Competition Directors

Kelsie Grate
Recreation Superintendent
(636) 939-2386, ext. 1617


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The following hotel will be the host hotel and rates will be available:

Courtyard by Marriott (NEW!)
4341 Veterans Memorial Parkway
St. Peters, MO 63376
(636) 477-6900


2019 Show-Me State Games Rec-Plex Winter Blast ISI Competition
St. Peters Rec-Plex  January 18-20, 2019

Solo Compulsory Maneuvers
Maneuvers match those on the ISI National Events list.

Skaters are to perform only the three maneuvers below in any order with a minimum of connecting steps. Each maneuver may only be performed one time. Additional maneuvers such as any jump, spin, or gliding maneuver from a test level or any uncaptured moves are not allowed.

There is no penalty for the quantity of swizzles, wiggles, strokes or crossovers performed in the Pre-Alpha - Beta levels. Only the quality of these maneuvers is competitively judged.

Pre-Alpha – FS5 levels will be done on HALF ICE.
Pre-Alpha - Forward Swizzles / Left 1-Foot Glide / Backward Swizzles
Alpha - Forward Stroking / Right over Left Forward Crossovers / 1-Foot Snowplow Stop
Beta - Backward Stroking / Right over Left Backward Crossovers / Right T-Stop
Gamma - Right Forward Outside 3-Turn / Left Forward Inside Mohawk Combo / Hockey Stop
Delta - Lunge / Right Forward Inside 3-Turn / Bunny Hop
Freestyle 1 - ½ Flip jump / 2-foot spin / Forward Arabesque
Freestyle 2 - Ballet jump / 1-foot spin / Waltz jump-Tap Toe- ½ Flip jump sequence
Freestyle 3 - Salchow jump / Change Foot Spin / Backward Pivot
Freestyle 4 - Flip jump / Sit Spin / Loop jump
Freestyle 5 - Camel-Sit-Upright spin / Axel / Lutz jump

Freestyle 6-10 will be performed on full ice.
Freestyle 6 - Double Salchow / Choice spin (Cross-foot/Layback/Sit-Change-Sit) / Split Jump
Freestyle 7 - One Foot Axel- ¼ Flip- Axel jump sequence / Flying Camel spin / Double Toe Loop jump
Freestyle 8 - Double Loop jump / Camel-Jump-Camel Spin / Split Lutz
Freestyle 9 - Double Lutz jump / Flying Camel into Jump Sit spin / Axel-Double Loop jump combination
Freestyle 10 - Double Axel-Double Toe Loop jump combination / Death Drop / Three Arabian Cartwheel or Butterfly jumps

Jump & Spin Events

Skaters should enter the ice together and stop. Skater #1 begins and performs their choice of the required Jump below two times. After they finish, Skater #2 begins and performs their choice of the required Spin below two times. Only the best attempt is scored. There is no credit given for the difficulty of the maneuver performed – only for the technical accuracy of the maneuvers.

Level Jump Spin
Level: Low (Pre-Alpha – Delta)
Jump: 2-foot Hop or Bunny Hop
Spin: 2-Foot Spin

Level: Bronze (FS 1-3/Bronze or below)
Jump: ½ Flip or Toe Loop
Spin: 2-Foot or 1-Foot Spin

Level: Silver (FS 4-5/Silver or below)
Jump: ½ Loop or Axel
Spin: Sit Spin or Back Spin

Level: Gold (FS 6-7/Gold or below)
Jump: Dbl. Salchow or Dbl. Loop
Spin: Flying Camel or Layback

Level: Platinum (FS 8-10/Platinum or below)
Jump: Dbl. Loop or Dbl. Lutz
Spin: Flying Sit or Camel-Jump Camel


This competition is open to skaters from all states who are individual members of ISI with current membership through the event. Skaters must represent an ISI administrative member rink, skating school, or club. Skaters must compete at their highest test level registered with ISI as of December 11, 2018. All entries must be approved by the skater’s coach.


Skaters will be grouped by similar age and by gender (may be combined in certain events). All events will be conducted according to the 2018 ISI Handbook and all 2018 Revisions. The following events will be offered:

Individual Events

  • Solo Program (Tot 1-4, Pre-Alpha-FS 10, Open Bronze-Platinum)
  • Solo Compulsories (Pre-Alpha-FS 10)
  • Stroking (Alpha-Delta)
  • Footwork (FS 1-10, Bronze-Platinum)
  • Artistic (FS 1-10, Bronze-Platinum)
  • Interpretive (FS 1-10, Bronze-Platinum)
  • Solo Spotlight (All levels) – Char., Drama, Light Ent.
  • Themed Solo Spotlight **(All levels)
  • Rhythmic Skating (FS 1-10, Bronze-Platinum) - Ball, Hoop, Ribbon
  • Surprise (All levels)
  • Solo Dance (1-10)

Partner Events

  • Couple Spotlight (Low, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Themed Couple Spotlight ** (Low, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Couples (1-10)
  • Pairs (1-10, Bronze-Platinum)
  • Jump & Spin (Low, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
  • Dance (1-10) - Similar, Mixed, Pro Partner

Team Events

  • Family Spotlight
  • Team Compulsories (FS 1-10)
  • Ensemble
  • Freestyle Synchro (FS 1-10)
  • Production
  • Themed Production**
  • Synchronized – Formation, Advanced Formation, Skating, Open, Dance

**The theme for 2019 is “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE”. Get wild with your imagination!


All music is to be e-mailed as an mp3 file to All tracks are to be named as follows: Last Name First Name Event. For example: Smith Susie FS4. If you are unsure how to e-mail and/or convert your files, send your questions to the above address.

All skaters must also have a back-up CD at the event.


Medals will be given to all competitors in all events. As all ISI competitions are team competitions with the top 5 skaters in each event earning team points, as well as all skaters earning participation points, team trophies may be awarded. Additional team awards may be awarded at the discretion of the Competition Director.

Judges and Coaches Information

Each rink must submit a judges’ inquiry form via email no later than December 11, 2018. Each rink is responsible for providing certified judges. Everyone who has any level of certification passed prior to 8/1/18 must pass the 2018 Update Test. Team points may be awarded to teams who meet or exceed their judging obligations, and team points may be deducted from teams who do not fulfill the requirements. Coaches who are not qualified to judge and who wish to be by the ice with their skaters will be required to make a $25 donation to the St. Peters Figure Skating Association. Coaches will not be allowed by the ice with their skaters if they do not fulfill their judging requirements, or make the required donation. If coaches choose to “buy” their credential, they still must be professional members of the ISI. There may be a coaches and judges meeting preceding the competition at a date and time to be announced in the schedule.

Event Codes

Event Code Event Name