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Show-Me State Games

June 7-10, 2018 July 20-22, 2018 July 27-29, 2018
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July 20-21-22, 2018
  age groups 9U, 10U, 13U and 18+

July 27-28-29, 2018
  age groups 8U, 11U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U

After all registrations are received, separate divisions / brackets will be formed based upon the ability of teams participating.

The Show-Me State Games, commissioner & officials reserve the right to rebracket teams based on their knowledge of skill level or to combine age groups / divisions when necessary. Coaches will be made aware of any changes beforehand.

GAMES WILL BEGIN ON FRIDAY EACH WEEKEND. Teams should anticipate playing one game on Friday and two games on Saturday in pool play competition. From there, pool winners (and possibly wildcards) will advance to the championship bracket on Sunday.


Games will be played at various complexes in Columbia and surrounding communities if needed. Sites will not be determined until after the entries are received and will depend upon the number of teams entered. You will be notified of exact locations when you receive you schedule.

Antimi Quadplex, 1615 Business Loop 70 West
Atkins Memorial Park, 5220 N Oakland Gravel Rd.
Rock Bridge High School, 4303 South Providence Rd
Albert Oakland Fields (Albert-Oakland Park), 1900 Blue Ridge Rd
Hickman High School, 1104 N Providence Rd
Battle High School, 7575 St Charles Rd
Legion Field (American Legion Park), 602 South Legion Lane

Entry Fee:
8U Coach Pitch By July 1: $325
 After July 1 (space permitting): $350
9U through 14U By July 1: $375
 After July 1 (space permitting): $400
16U through 18 & Over By July 1: $425
 After July 1 (space permitting): $450
All teams registered by July 1 will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament.  Entries after July 1 will not be guaranteed a spot and will be subject to the late entry fee.

Last possible day to register for age groups on July 22-24:  July 10

Last possible day to register for age groups on July 29-31:  July 17  
Check In:

A team coach or representative is required to check prior to your first game.  NEW this year, in most cases, teams will check in at the fields.  See information below. 

  • If your first game is at Antimi, your will check-in at the Lamb Shelter which is part of Cosmo Park.  As you come in the park, head west at the first roundabout toward the tennis courts.  Signs will be posted.
  • For all other sites, we will have a check-in tent set up at each of the ball parks.  This includes Atkins, Albert-Oakland, American Legion, Battle HS and Hickman HS.

It is highly recommended that you give yourself at least one hour before your first game in order to register and be at your game on time. We recommend that only the coach needs to check-in their team. Items needed for registration will be as follows:

  • Each player on the team will need a signed entry form / waiver if they have not already been mailed to our office.
  • Rosters should have already been submitted with your registration. If adding players to your roster at this time, there will be a $5 per player charge with no maximum to the roster additions.

We recommend that each player have a copy of his/her birth certificate or driver's license on hand during the tournament. Players must be able to show proof of age or residence if asked by Games official.

Commissioner: For more information contact the Show-Me State Games office at (573) 882-2101.
How to Enter:
Register online now for baseball.

To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games - Baseball Entry Form and mail it along with payment to
 Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211

Roster / Roster Additions
We must have a completed roster turned into our office along with your registration. Players may be added to your roster at no charge prior to the following deadlines. If you register by mail, your roster must be turned into our office by July 7. If you register online, your must enter your roster into the Team Management by July 7. Please note your team entry and payment must be received by your sport’s specific entry deadline. Changes may still be made to your roster after these dates, but MUST be done during check-in.  Roster additions at this time will be charged $5 per person added to the roster and there will be no limit to the roster addition charges. Additions received after these dates will not be processed.
  • Age Requirement: Player’s age is determined by their age on April 30th of the current year.
  • Other than activities and rules discussed below, we will follow the National Federation of High School rule book.
  • Scorekeeper: Each team must provide a scorekeeper prior to the game. The home team’s book will be the Official Book.
  • Baseballs: All teams except for the 8U coach pitch will be required to supply 2 baseballs per game.
  • Team Warm-up: There will be No Infield pre-game routine. Teams may warm-up in the outfield before games. All teams must stay off the infield until the pre-game conference is over.
  • Coin Toss/Line-up Cards: Coin toss will occur at the home plate conference before the game begins. Time limit begins when the meeting is over. Each team must turn in a line-up card to the home plate umpire at the pre-game conference. During bracket play, the Lower Seed will be the Home Team.
  • Normal Ending: Home team will not bat in the bottom half of the last inning if they are winning. The contest will be over.
  • Foul Balls: Each team needs to help the umpires with foul balls. Recommended: Left side dugout retrieves left side foul balls. Right side dugout retrieves right side foul balls. Participation by players, coaches, parents, and fans will be greatly appreciated.
  • Winning Coach: At the end of each contest, the winning coach must identify home/visitors scores are correct on the umpire’s scorecard and sign at the end of contest for validation. The scores written on the scorecard is final after the winning coach’s signature.
  • Steel Cleats: Steal cleats are allowed in 13U, 14U, 16U, 18U, and 18 & over.
  • Re-Entry: Re-Entry will be used in all divisions. Remember, the batting order must stay the same.
  • Courtesy Runner: Courtesy runner will be used in all divisions.
  • Stealing: Full stealing will be allowed in all divisions except 8 and under.
  • Pitching: Pitching limit recommendation of 10 innings for the tournament.
  • Bats: The 16u, 18u, and 18 & older divisions need to use BBCOR certified bats, or wood bats. For all age divisions below the age of 14, we will adhere to the same standards as USSSA. Please refer to the link on the USSSA website for restrictions for each age group.
  • Run Rules: 15 runs after 3 innings and 10 runs after 5 innings in both pool play and bracket play.
  • Extra Innings/International Tie Breaker: In the event of an extra inning game the international tiebreaker will be in effect. A runner will begin the inning at 2nd base with a 0-0 count on the batter and 0 outs. The player that was the last recorded out of the previous inning will be the runner at 2nd base. Will be in effect for all divisions.
  • Declare Lineup: In the following age groups (9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U) teams may bat a nine (9) player lineup or a continuous lineup of all present uniformed players. Such lineup must be declared before the start of the game and used the entire game.
  • Extra Innings/International Tie Breaker: In the event of an extra inning game the international tiebreaker will be in effect. A runner will begin the inning at 2nd base with a 0-0 count on the batter and 0 outs. The player that was the last recorded out of the previous inning will be the runner at 2nd base. Will Be in Effect for All Divisions (8U-18 & over) throughout Pool Play and All of Bracket Play.
  • For purposes of interpreting the time limit, the next inning will begin when the 3rd out of the previous inning is recorded. If there is any time remaining when the 3rd out is recorded, the next inning will be started and completed in its entirety. No Time Limit for All Medal Games.
  • Pool/Wildcard Tiebreaker:
    1: Won/Loss Record
    2: Head to Head
    3: Least Runs Allowed
    4: Run Differential (+11 maximum, -11 minimum)
    5: Runs Scored
  • Soft core balls will be used (RIF 5). These will be supplied for the tournament.
  • Time limit will be 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • Base distance will be 50' and pitching mound will be at 35'.
  • Team batting orders will be fixed throughout the game. A team has the option of batting each player in attendance.
  • No Walks.
  • Three strikes. There is a limit of 8 pitches per batter unless the 8th pitch is a foul ball; then, there will additional pitches until there is no contact.
  • The batter is out on a dropped 3rd strike. Runners may not advance.
  • No lead-offs or stealing.
  • If a runner has passed the halfway mark between bases and is making an attempt at advance when the play stops, the runner will be awarded the next base. If the runner has not passed the halfway mark, the runner must go back to the last based touched. It will be the umpires judgment.
  • A play is over when the ball is returned to the infield and is controlled by an infielder on the infield.
  • A courtesy runner must replace the catcher if the catcher is on base after two outs. The substitute runner must take the same base as the catcher occupied. The substitute runner must be a player not playing defense in the game, however, if a substitute is not available, then the second out of the inning will become the courtesy runner. The catcher shall immediately put on equipment and be prepared to warm-up the pitcher between innings.
  • The Six Run Rule: A team cannot score more than six runs in an inning.
  • A coach from each team will pitch to his or her own players. There will be a player in the pitching position for fielding purposes. The player must begin in the pitchers circle. Coaches need to pitch from the pitching rubber. It is recommended that all coaches pitch overhand.
  • The infield fly rule does not apply.
  • Ten players are allowed with the tenth player being an outfielder.
  • Free substitution.
Format Rules:
Age GroupBasesPitching# InningsTime Limit
8 & under50'35'51 hr. 15 min.
9 & under65'45'61 hr. 30 min.
10 & under65'45'61 hr. 30 min.
11 & under70'50'61 hr. 30 min.
12 & under70'50'61 hr. 30 min.
13 & under80'55'61 hr. 30 min.
14 & under80'55'61 hr. 30 min.
16 & under90'60'6"71 hr. 45 min.
18 & under90'60'6"71 hr. 45 min.
18 & over90'60'6"72 hrs.
Other Info:

Rain Policy: In the event of rain, we will do our best to make sure the tournament is completed. Depending upon the amount of rain we get, different scenarios may be used.

1. All scheduled games will be moved back.
2. Time limits will be shortened on games.
3. Pool-play games may be moved to Sunday morning.
4. Worse-case scenario, a round of pool play games will be eliminated and then all pool winners and undefeated teams will advance to a playoff bracket.

Heat Policy: In the event of excess heat, games will be shortened and additional water breaks may be added. Also, games may be adjusted as needed. This is not only for the safety of the players, but also the umpires who are working multiple games during the day

Event Codes Information
BS0018 & Under Coach Pitch BS0029 & Under
BS00310 & Under BS00411 & Under
BS00512 & Under BS00613 & Under
BS00714 & Under BS00816 & Under
BS00918 & Under BS010Adult 19 and Over
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