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Show-Me State Games

June 7-10, 2018 July 20-22, 2018 July 27-29, 2018
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Dates: Saturday, July 21, 2018

Weigh-ins will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. - NO EXCEPTIONS. Competition will begin at 10:00 a.m.
Location: Competition will be held at Lange Middle School located at 2201 Smiley Lane in Columbia.
Entry Fee: $20 for Bench Press only, $25 for Powerlifting. Entering the Powerlifting competiton will also make you eligible for a Bench Press medal.

$25 / $30 for entries after July 1 and onsite.
Deadline: Pre-registered entries must be postmarked or received via the internet no later than July 1.  On-site registration will be allowed on the day of the event for an additional $5 charge.
Commissioner: Joe Garcia
Cell: (573) 289-3921
How to Enter:
Register online now for powerlifting.

To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games entry form and mail it along with payment to:

Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211
  • Competitors age is determined by his/her age on the day of competition.
  • Basic AAUPC rules and regulations will be followed. We have some differences. See the "Rules" section below.
  • Lifters must supply their own belts.
  • Uniforms may be any neat, properly fitting one- or two-piece lifting suit. Shirts and t-shirts are allowed.
  • Bench and deadlift shirts/suits are NOT allowed.
  • All lifters MUST wear shoes.
  • The following weight classes will be used within each age group. The class you will be in is determined by the minimums and maximums listed below:



    No Min114.5114

    No Max


  • Powerlifting competition will use standard powerlifting format featuring bench and dead lift.
  • Any competitor in both powerlifting and the bench press will be allowed a maximum of three attempts in the bench.
  • There will be divisions for junior, seniors and masters.
  • Medals will be awarded based on best total weight by weight class.
Powerlifting Rules
No bench shirts, deadlift suits, wrist, elbow or knee wraps allowed, nor baby/talcum powder. 4” diameter belts are allowed. T-Shirts and shorts allowed, shoes required.
  1. Take the bar off the racks, either by yourself, or with spotters, at arm’s length, NOT to the chest.
  2. Lower the bar until it is resting upon your chest. Wait for the Press command. The bar MUST be motionless on the chest prior to the Press command, so there will be a pause.
  3. At the Press command, press the weight upward. At the top, wait for the Rack command.
  4. At the Rack command, return the bar to the rack, either by yourself or with spotters.
  5. False grip not allowed.
  6. Two commands, Press and Rack
  7. Heels may be on floor or raised. Feet must remain in contact with floor. No sideward, or twisting motion allowed.

Bench Failures:
  1. Pressing before the Press Command.
  2. Raising your butt off the bench.
  3. Moving your feet during the press. Up and down in the same spot is allowed.
  4. Riding the bar up the bench uprights.
  5. “Your” spotter taking the bar before the Rack Command.
  6. Returning the bar to the rack, prior to the Rack Command.
  7. Any lowering of the bar after the Press Command.
  8. Uneven lockout.
  1. Pick up the bar on your own. The bar must be in front of the lifter at the start and end of the lift. Use either overhand or reverse grip.
  2. Come erect with shoulders and legs straight.
  3. At the Down Command, lower the weight to the floor.
  4. One Command - Down

Deadlift Failures:
  1. Moving your feet during the lift. Up and down in the same spot is allowed.
  2. Lowering the weight prior to the Down Command.
  3. Dropping the weight.
  4. Not coming erect with legs straight.
  5. Using the legs as a ledge to rest or raise the weight.
  6. Hitching the weight.
Event Codes Information
PL001Powerlifting - Junior (14 to 16), Male PL002Powerlifting - Junior (14 to 16), Female
PL003Powerlifting - Junior (17 to 19), Male PL004Powerlifting - Junior (17 to 19), Female
PL005Powerlifting - Senior (20 to 39), Male PL006Powerlifting - Senior (20 to 39), Female
PL007Powerlifting - Masters (40 to 44), Male PL008Powerlifting - Masters (40 to 44), Female
PL009Powerlifting - Masters (45 to 49), Male PL010Powerlifting - Masters (45 to 49), Female
PL011Powerlifting - Masters (50 to 54), Male PL012Powerlifting - Masters (50 to 54), Female
PL013Powerlifting - Masters (55 to 59), Male PL014Powerlifting - Masters (55 to 59), Female
PL015Powerlifting - Masters (60 to 64), Male PL016Powerlifting - Masters (60 to 64), Female
PL017Powerlifting - Masters (65 to 69), Male PL018Powerlifting - Masters (65 to 69), Female
PL019Powerlifting - Masters (70 & Over), Male PL020Powerlifting - Masters (70 & Over), Female
PL021Bench Press only - Junior (14 to 16), Male PL022Bench Press only - Junior (14 to 16), Female
PL023Bench Press only - Junior (17 to 19), Male PL024Bench Press only - Junior (17 to 19), Female
PL025Bench Press only - Senior (20 to 39), Male PL026Bench Press only - Senior (20 to 39), Female
PL027Bench Press only - Masters (40 to 44), Male PL028Bench Press only - Masters (40 to 44), Female
PL029Bench Press only - Masters (45 to 49), Male PL030Bench Press only - Masters (45 to 49), Female
PL031Bench Press only - Masters (50 to 54), Male PL032Bench Press only - Masters (50 to 54), Female
PL033Bench Press only - Masters (55 to 59), Male PL034Bench Press only - Masters (55 to 59), Female
PL035Bench Press only - Masters (60 to 64), Male PL036Bench Press only - Masters (60 to 64), Female
PL037Bench Press only - Masters (65 to 69), Male PL038Bench Press only - Masters (65 to 69), Female
PL039Bench Press only - Masters (70 & Over), Male PL040Bench Press only - Masters (70 & Over), Female
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