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Show-Me State Games

June 7-10, 2018 July 20-22, 2018 July 27-29, 2018
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Dates: JUNE 16-17-18, 2017
Adult Open and 50+ Men - SCHEDULES

July 21-22-23, 2017
U6-U10, U14-U19, and Men's Over 40 - SCHEDULES

July 28-29-30, 2017
U11-U13, Men's Over 30 and Coed Open - SCHEDULES

Location: Cosmo Park, 1625 Business Loop 70 West, Columbia, MO
Entry Fee:
Age Group Entry Fee Late Registration
U 6 - U7, Over 50 $300 ($350 after July 1)
U8 $350 ($400 after July 1)
U9 - U11, Coed $400 ($450 after July 1)
U12 - U18, Over 30, Over 40 $425 ($475 after July 1)

Mens/Womens Open


($525 after June 1)
Over 50 $300 ($350 after June 1)

Last possible day to register for age groups on July 21-23:  July 7

Last possible day to register for age groups on July 28-30:  July 14

Check In:

All teams are required to check-in at least 30 minutes prior to your first game.  TEAMS WILL CHECK-IN AT COSMO PARK.  THE CHECK-IN WILL BE AT THE LAMB SHELTER.  Check-in will be open on Friday from 1 hour prior to the first game until the start of the last game Friday.  Check-in will also be open from 7:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday.  Failure to check-in may result in forfeiture of games played.

It is highly recommended that you give yourself at plenty of time before your first game in order to register and be at your game on time.  We recommend that only the coach come to register their team.  Items needed for registration will be as follows:

  • Proof of age for each player (copies of birth certificate or player cards)  - Not needed for Men's Open, Women's Open.
  • Each player on the team will need a signed entry form / waiver if they have not already been mailed to our office.
  • If adding players to your roster at this time, there will be a $5 per player charge with no maximum to the roster additions.

You will receive your official team roster at registration.  You will take this and give it to the field marshal at your first game.  The official roster will stay with tournament officials and be used at pre-game inspection by the field marshals.

Commissioner: Chris Miller, (573) 999-9891
Darlene Moore, (573) 239-2306

For rules questions, please contact Chris or Darlene at the phone numbers listed above.

For information on your registration or schedule, contact the Show-Me State Games office at 573-882-2101.

How to Enter:
Register online now for soccer-show-me state games.

To enter by mail, please complete a Show-Me State Games entry form and mail it along with payment to:

Show-Me State Games
1400 Rock Quarry Rd, Entrance 5
Columbia, MO 65211


We must have a completed roster turned into our office along with your registration.  Players may be added to your roster at no charge prior to the following deadlines.   If you register by mail, your roster must be turned into our office by June 1 for (Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Over 50 Men).  All other age groups need to have a roster turned in by July 7.  If you register online, your must enter your roster into the Team Management by the above dates. Please note your team entry and payment must be received by your sport’s specific entry deadline.  Changes may still be made to your roster after these dates, but MUST be done during check-in.  Roster additions at this time will be charged $5 per person added to the roster and there will be no limit to the roster addition charges.  Additions received after these dates will not be processed.

Format Rules:
  • Ages U6 and U7 will play (4) 12 minute quarters with 2 minute breaks except for 10 minute halftime.
  • Ages 12 and under will play (2) 25 minute halves.
  • Adult Men’s and Women’s Open will play (2) 40 minute halves.
  • All other age groups will play (2) 30 minute halves.
  • U6 and U7 divisions will play 6 vs. 6.
  • U8, U9, U10, U11, Over 40 Men, Over 50 Men and Coed divisions will play 8 vs. 8.
  • All other age groups will play 11 vs. 11.  All limits include goalie.
  • Age groups U6 and U7 will play with a size-3 ball.
  • Age groups U8 to U12 will play with a size-4 ball.
  • All other age groups will play with a size-5 ball.
  • Females may play on a male team in their respective age groups.  (i.e. Mixed teams will play in the male division.)
  • Adult Men’s and Women’s Open teams will have unlimited rosters.
  • Men’s Over 50 will play 25 minute halves and will have a roster limit of 15.



Fied Size
U6 / U7 - 35 x 50 
U8 - 45 x 70
U9 - U12, Over 40, Coed - 50 x 100
U13 - U18, Over 30 - 60 x 120

Other Info: 2017 Age Groups
U 6 - 2011 Birth Year
U 7 - 2010 Birth Year
U 8 - 2009 Birth Year
U 9 - 2008 Birth Year
U10 - 2007 Birth Year
U11 - 2006 Birth Year
U12 - 2005 Birth Year
U13 - 2004 Birth Year
U14 - 2003 Birth Year
U15 - 2002 Birth Year
U16 - 2001 Birth Year
U17 - 2000 Birth Year
U18 - 1999 Birth Year
U19 - 1998 Birth Year
Over 30 Men - Born before 12/31/87
Over 40 Men - Born before 12/31/77
Over 50 Men - Born before 12/31/67

Weather Policy: Sports using outdoor sites are weather dependent. Competitions will be conducted unless Show-Me State Games officials determine weather conditions to be potentially dangerous or life threatenting, or if the playing fields would incur significant damage. NO refunds due to weather.
Event Codes Information
SC001U 6 Open, Male SC002U 6 Open, Female
SC003U 7 Open, Male SC004U 7 Open, Female
SC005U 8 Recreational, Male SC006U 8 Recreational, Female
SC007U 8 Competitive, Male SC008U 8 Competitive, Female
SC009U 9 Recreational, Male SC010U 9 Recreational, Female
SC011U 9 Competitive, Male SC012U 9 Competitive, Female
SC013U10 Recreational, Male SC014U10 Recreational, Female
SC015U10 Competitive, Male SC016U10 Competitive, Female
SC017U11 Recreational, Male SC018U11 Recreational, Female
SC019U11 Competitive, Male SC020U11 Competitive, Female
SC021U12 Recreational, Male SC022U12 Recreational, Female
SC023U12 Competitive, Male SC024U12 Competitive, Female
SC025U13 Recreational, Male SC026U13 Recreational, Female
SC027U13 Competitive, Male SC028U13 Competitive, Female
SC029U14 Recreational, Male SC030U14 Recreational, Female
SC031U14 Competitive, Male SC032U14 Competitive, Female
SC033U15 Open, Male SC034U15 Open, Female
SC035U16 Open, Male SC036U16 Open, Female
SC037U17 Open, Male SC038U17 Open, Female
SC039U18 Open, Male SC040U18 Open, Female
SC041U19 Open, Male SC042U19 Open, Female
SC043Over 30 Men, Male SC044Over 40 Men, Male
SC045Over 50 Men, Male SC046Coed Competitive Adult
SC047Coed Recreational Adult SC051Adult Open Recreational, Male
SC052Adult Open Recreational, Female SC053Adult Open Competitive, Male
SC054Adult Open Competitive, Female
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